Sailing with skipper

Nowdays, chartering a yacht is a very poular way of spending holidays. In Croatia there are over 150 companies involved in the boat renting business. You can choose whether it is going to be a bareboat charter or a chartering with a skipper. 

A bareboat charter gives you a chance for a full sailing experience, depending on your own skills, and chartering a yacht with skipper will allow you to enjoy your holiday with a person in charge of navigation and safety who will also try to fulfill your itinerary as best is possible suggesting places worth visiting.

Chartering a yacht with a professional skipper means that you  have aboard a person in charge of navigation and maneuvering a yacht, a person responsible for the safety of the crew. Beside that, the professional skipper will show you some sailing tricks or he will suggest the best itinerary for your crew.

All our skippers speak fluent English or German and have extensive experience in sailing.

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