SPLIT - SPLIT (to Vis and Biševo)

1st day: Split (Nava marina) - Milna (Brač) - 11 n/m (ACI Milna - petrol station)
2nd day: Milna - Stari Grad (Hvar) 14 n/m - Hvar 6 n/m
3rd day: Hvar - Vis 14 n/m (petrol station)
4th day: Vis - Komiža - Biševo (Blue Cave) - Komiža 20 n/m
5th day: Komiža - Palmižana (Pakleni islands) 23 n/m
6th day: Palmižana - Split (Nava marina) 23 n/m

Milna (Brač)
The route from Split to Milna on the island of Brač is ideal for the first day which is supposed to be the day for training the crew and general trift. Regardless of the wind, the deep and well intended coast of Milna offers the smooth sea and a comfortable night after a long stroll. ACI marina at Uvala Vlaska offers all modern conveniences and you will become filled with enthusiasm in the restaurant with an exquisite service and a beautiful view of the whole town.

Stari Grad and Hvar (Hvar)
The island of Hvar, which is said to be the sunniest and the most visited island by tourists, is a constant attraction for boaters. Stari Grad and Hvar give off the traces of history which have roots in the ancient Greek civilisation, and yet the history which is interwoven with advanced cultural, sport and recreational entertainment. If you happen to be on one of the beautiful nearby Pakleni islands, try not to bypass the famous "Dagmar" restaurant in port Palmižana on the islet of St. Clement.

Komiža and Vis (Vis)
A tourist or visitor who has gone around the island of Vis, cannot help longing for spending the rest of his life there, or at least coming back every summer. The two centers, Komiža and Vis, completely differ and yet perfectly enclose a Jing-Jang circle in which tendrils of European grape are interwoven with the fishermen's nets. This island is quite another story now, find it out by yourself in its caves, lighthouses and with gourmandise pleasure at "Pojoda" or "Vatrica" restaurants.